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Handmade in Italy since 1924

Each Damiani creation preserves the history and style of the Maison: technical knowledge and creative and stylistic research that has evolved over time. Each jewel is an exclusive creation designed by a team of creatives and handcrafted by master goldsmiths, some of whom have worked with Damiani for over 50 years.



The 1920s


Enrico Grassi Damiani founded a goldsmith workshop in 1924 in Valenza, following his passion for jewellery and love for beauty. His great dexterity combined with perfect execution led him to create masterpieces of goldsmith art appreciated by noble families, for which he became a trusted jeweler. With artisan mastery, creativity and grace in design, he created a jewel in honour of Queen Margherita which would become a source of continuous inspiration in the coming years.

Charleston is a delicate collier that brushes a woman’s neckline with a feather made of about 1000 diamonds, a frame for an exemplary teardrop shape of the highest carats, carefully chosen for their shape, size and colour. A unique jewel inspired by the legendary dancer and singer Joséphine Baker, icon of style and sensuality, who was covered with graceful feathers in her famous performances.



the 1930s


Valenza is the centre of excellence for goldsmith art, where cultural and stylistic influences also come from neighbouring France. Enrico Grassi Damiani, a visionary and creative man, anticipated trends by creating jewels with a modern design. They were requested by many jewellers and customers who aspired to wear his masterpieces. Originality, craftsmanship and beauty are the signature of his creations, in particular beautiful brooches to wear on clothes and in the hair, which can also be transformed into earrings and precious design objects.

A jewel inspired by the city of New York, which began to define its skyline with the first skyscrapers in this period, interpreted here through the creativity of Damiani in an asymmetrical design enhanced in a bracelet composed of 675 white diamonds and 623 black diamonds, in an eternity setting with masterfully graduated colours.


I don't think about jewels when I create, but about women, their tastes and their emotions...
Damiano Damiani

The 1940s


Despite the outbreak of the Second World War, Enrico Grassi Damiani never slowed his creation of jewellery. Kidney disease prevented him from being recruited to fight, and he continued to work with passion, helped by his trusted artisans. Gold was difficult to find, and the scarcity of precious raw materials led him to use his strong creativity to make jewellery using less noble materials such as iron, alpaca and metal alloys, with a design that enhances volumes in a sculptural way, empty inside and light in their essence.

A bracelet in which lightness and artisan craftsmanship meet in a design where the volumes are sculpted and the stones, 264 diamonds, enhance the piece’s three-dimensionality. The cleanness and regularity of the shape add elegance and movement to this jewel that becomes a semi-rigid, light and extremely comfortable sculpture, inspired by the architectural projects of the time.



The 1950s


The spirit of rebirth and optimism animated the post-war years. Damiani used his vision and mastery to anticipate the desires of a rising class of bourgeoisie which wanted to use jewellery to show off their membership in an exclusive elite. The highly tasteful and elegant creations were eye-catching with diamonds and coloured stones in matching parures. Gold was again within reach and Damiani began to offer nature-inspired jewels with floral and animal motifs and a refined and light design.

A necklace inspired by the luxurious fabric worn by a noblewoman from Turin, to which Damiani manages to masterfully bestow the softness and fluidity of trimmings. The craftsmanship in the winding torchon chain with a complicated interweaving is united in a gold and diamond bell embellished with ultra-fine cascading fine chains.


A timeless classic, this jewel already existed among the thousand forms that enclose creations like a chrysalis. The secret of creativity is knowing how to listen to it.
Damiano Damiani

The 1960s


In these years, cinema, fashion and costume were Damiano Grassi Damiani’s inspiration for the creation of jewellery with gold, precious stones and enamels. The pieces evoke the geometric shapes of the prints in clothes and furnishings, which inspired increasingly sought-after parures and brooches. His mastery did not stop at jewellery, but also led to the creation of precious and unique design pieces of animal subjects including peacocks and horses in gold, diamonds, precious stones, mother-of-pearls and colored enamels, requested by an exclusive international clientele.

The Optical earrings are inspired by the fashions of the 60s and play with geometric design: they are rendered both full and empty with light and shadow and black and white, enhancing the contrast of shapes and materials. A jewel in white gold, enamel and pavè diamonds set in a radial pattern with a graduated and brick effect for greater brightness, composed of moving circles that enhance its perfection.



The 1970s


After the sudden death of the founder, his son Damiano Grassi Damiani continued the family business. As a visionary and creative entrepreneur, he brought significant developments to the company, transforming Damiani into a recognised and appreciated brand worldwide. He improved production, organised distribution in a widespread manner and developed innovative communication. As one of the best stone experts in the world, he invented a special embedding technique, open on four lunettes, which enhances the stones’ light and reflections. As the main partner of De Beers, Damiani became synonymous with the highest-quality diamonds: an eternal value, the forever which still distinguishes it in the world today.

A collier with a floral motif composed of 178 diamonds and coloured stones in the most delicate nuances. Inspired by the “flower children” and the freedom of a revolutionary era, this versatile jewel can be worn to illuminate the neckline, on the wrist to embellish every movement and as a chaplet on the forehead or in hair, to make every woman feel like a queen.


It is not the jewel, nor the gold, nor the diamond, but something lighter, changeable, fleeting. The most precious thing is the idea. Enrico Damiani

The 1980s


The desire to expand the brand worldwide led Damiano Grassi Damiani to place the Maison’s headquarters in Milan, in the historic Conti Palace in Corso Magenta 82. The company’s communication exploded, the number of retailers selling its products increased, as did the private customers requesting unique pieces. The internationalisation process expanded to Japan, the United States, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The company offered jewellery parures to wear at the frequent worldly galas, as well as unique items in gold, diamonds, precious stones and enamels to be displayed in luxurious mansions. Damiani became the utmost reference point for pearls, with which it gave rise to extraordinary creations.

A yellow gold bracelet made with 1176 black, grey and white diamonds and coloured stones to form the name Damiani; creativity and mastery in a logo that was innovative in jewellery, making Damiani a modern pioneer and trend-setter.



The 1990s


In 1996 Damiano Grassi Damiani passed away at a still young age, leaving the company to his children Guido, Silvia and Giorgio, who became the mind, heart and energy of the brand. The first boutiques in Florence, Milan and Rome were inaugurated, followed by new inaugurations in Berlin, Madrid and Paris. In communications, the static image of jewellery gave way to images of the jewellery being worn. The company began to launch advertising campaigns with celebrities shot by the most famous photographers; Isabella Rossellini was the first to wear Damiani jewellery before Peter Lindbergh’s lens in a campaign published worldwide.

Pearls, one of Damiani’s excellences, are exalted in the masterpiece Moonshine, a ring composed of 356 pavé diamonds and 8 varieties of pearls, unique in colour (silver, pink, white, ivory), shape and size. A refined selection made by the Damiani Family to interpret the femininity of a woman in the highest form of beauty.


I get attached, I always like having a family and Damiani is a family of mine and I like it a lot, there is a lot of warmth, there is a lot of respect.
Sophia Loren

The 2000s


New boutiques were inaugurated in Europe, the West and the East. Major communication campaigns continued with celebrities including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Nastassja Kinski, Milla Jovovich, Chiara Mastroianni, Sofia Loren and Sharon Stone, the inspirational muses of some of the most desired jewellery worldwide. The company’s offering was strengthened by iconic collections, the demand for custom-made jewellery rose thanks to the historic goldsmith tradition, and a comfort-fit design was perfected, attentive to satisfying an increasingly demanding clientele. The internationalism of Damiani, the authoritativeness of the brand and the solid values of the family led to its listing on the stock market.

D.Side stands out among Damiani’s icons: it is the wedding ring made in collaboration with Brad Pitt, a symbolic ring of love that unites a couple. A jewelled wedding ring formed by two distinct and independent circles, one next to the other to become one, a family united by common values cemented by the strongest stone in the world, the diamond, proposed in series of 3, 5, 7 or exceptionally 8, the symbol of the infinite, of the perfection to which love tends.



The 2010s


Today Damiani is a global brand that continues to conquer new markets, with a consolidated image and as the custodian of collections arising from long goldsmith traditions. To celebrate the uniqueness of its history, Damiani has created a traveling exhibition where visitors can admire the numerous masterpieces of top-end jewellery the company has made since 1924. It is hosted in exclusive and prestigious locations such as Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Palazzo Reale in Milan and the History Museum in Moscow: an extraordinary event that will continue with new appointments in the main cities of the world. Capsule collections, limited editions and co-design collaborations such as those created with Brad Pitt and Sharon Stone are part of the philosophy of the Damiani Children, sensitive, interpreters and supporters of cultural and social initiatives, including the Drop in the Bucket project promoted with Sharon Stone in support of the supply of drinking water in Africa through the construction of wells.

Damianissima is a contemporary collection and an example of the elegant harmony between gold, diamonds and ceramics in an interplay of solids and voids enhanced by a refined graphic, where the protagonist is Damiani’s D, which like a drop of water expands and is multiplied as a symbol of grace and beauty.


And the story continues...

Tear 2019

Belle Époque Rainbow

An exclusive revival of the Maison’s most iconic piece of jewellery: the Belle Époque necklace, revisited to celebrate its 95 years of history. It is one of the most precious testaments to Damiani’s passion for beauty and the vocational search for excellence that began with its foundation and has remained untouched by time.

The delicate and bright nuances of 150 sapphires, laid in evocative layers inspired by the colours of the rainbow, blend seamlessly with the elegant personality of rose gold to create a marvellous and sophisticated balance of colour.

The look is completed with the addition of a unique and luxury element: a magnificent detachable cross pendant framed by a delicate and fine weave of linked chains.

And the story continues…

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