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A Damiani diamond is for life: a forever that shines with the utmost purity, protecting a promise of love. Perfection, cut, colour and brilliance are just some of the qualities that identify a Damiani diamond. Every solitaire can become the shape of your desires; in gold or platinum, it is the expression of a dream come true and a bearer of the most beautiful emotions. You are the central figure in the choice of the most beautiful diamond and setting, which Damiani’s expert goldsmiths will tailor to your desires so you can feel like an eternal princess.




Of all the most important and symbolic moments of life, an engagement is an event that only a precious jewel can perfectly define. Ever since ancient times, the ring has always been the object that best expresses the symbolism of love and has long been the traditional gift to crown an engagement

In the Renaissance in particular, engagement rings were strengthened with an even more effective symbol: the diamond, an invincible and pure stone that enhances the ring’s meaning as an emblem of eternal union. The first known evidence of a diamond ring given to a woman to seal this important moment dates back to 1477: in a letter to the Archduke of Austria Maximilian I, the Archduke’s advisor recommends that the future emperor give his girlfriend Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring. Ever since that moment, engagement rings have become richer and more precious than wedding rings. In the nineteenth century, the solitaire diamond ring took on its role of undisputed supremacy as the purest, most essential and immediate pledge of love. The ring is a symbol of continuity that expresses the tenacity of love through the ultimate “invincible” gem, the pure and eternal diamond. In fact, a solitaire diamond ring fully satisfies the wish for a strong and immortal symbol, the search for a value that goes beyond appearance, an expression of beauty and purity that is eternally connected to love and fidelity.