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Damiani Earrings

Damiani earrings are the undisputed elegance of an excellent combination of gold and precious gems, the eternal charm of sophisticated and elegant luxury.


From pearl earrings to diamond ones, earrings are the jewels that illuminate the face, highlighting its expressions and the intensity of its gaze and smile. Precisely for this reason, Damiani’s women’s earrings are an essential element of the Italian goldsmith’s jewellery collections, often offered in elegant parures with a ring, bracelet and collier: precious and embellished with gems for more formal occasions or with pearls, diamonds or discreet decorations for everyday life. Like all the Maison’s creations, the Damiani women’s earrings also feature exclusive designs, high-quality materials and excellent production, offered in various collections with different interpretations of materials and stones. Damiani earrings enhance the wearer’s face and express every woman’s unique style.

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