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Visit a special and strictly deluxe zoo. Admire the geckos, dragonflies, spiders and butterflies that form a collection of exuberant creativity. The absolute stars of this Damiani collection are the stingray skin, the gold and the coloured diamonds that embellish the look with beautiful animals. The precious jewel can be separated from the base of the bracelet and worn as a pendant or pin.

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Spider Rings

The spider is an animal that has always captured and stimulated the imagination, subject of stories and legends all over the world. The Animalia collection offers its interpretation with an extravagant white gold cover-finger ring including 354 brilliant-cut diamonds. The unmistakable silhouette of the animal is formed by long, slender legs composed of a sequence of rising prongs which house a metal spring that enables the tentacled structure to bend and expand anatomically across all of the fingers following the movements of the hand.

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Mysterious, legendary, rare and fairytale-like, the stars of the Animalia collection are hand-made by Damiani’s master craftsmen from Valenza using a sophisticated technique that allows them to mould the finest materials and the most precious stones to create bewitching stingray skin bracelets in vibrant colours.

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Butterfly Rings

The new butterfly rings are a homage to female elegance and beauty. A splendid fancy diamond set in the middle of the jewel represents the eye of the butterfly; around this, a cascade of precious stones designs its glittering wings which come to life thanks to an incredible mechanism that enables you to open them by opening and closing your finger.

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